Reading Jane Austen

I read these books because they remind me of you Visions arise of our talks in your room Our extended conversations of Doctor Who And I’d forget that my soul is truly doomed   Those eleven months of time so quickly flew But in her writings, your words show through Every protagonist, so pure and […]

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The Kali Ma

I wrote this based on the Neck Deep song, Kali Ma. Thanks for reading: The streetlights came on as dusk set in, giving Kane enough light to see the cement sidewalk he was skateboarding down. No matter how fast Kane kicked his board through the empty sidewalks, he could never build enough speed to lessen […]

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Her Own Future (Short Story)

I wrote this story to be allegorical to how women have many stigmas and biases placed on them in our society today. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! _____________________________________________________ He will pick her. I would. They will live a happy life and I will be forced to return home with shame on my […]

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