Twelve Lyrics that Talk Me Down

These lyrics have been a major lifeline for me during my darkest moments. I share them in hopes that they can help anyone out there going through tough times.


“And we all make mistakes. It’s not you but this world you should hate. You’re as beautiful as you were yesterday.”

-SayWeCanFly – Scars

This reminds me to forgive myself for the scars of my past. Forgiving ourselves a hard thing to do, but we all deserve compassion and forgiveness – even from ourselves.


“Just look at what you’ve done. Don’t you dare forget the sun, love.”

-Get Scared – Don’t You Dare Forget the Sun

In dark moments, it helps to look back over the progress made and good memories of the past. Just knowing that these moments are possible can inspire someone to hang on.


“Remember all the sadness and frustration, and let it go.”

-Linkin Park – Iridescent

I picture holding an empty box and transferring all of my pain into it. And then throwing the box over a bridge into the water below.


“I’ve never felt so hopeless than I do tonight. I don’t wanna do this anymore, I’m moving on.”

-Asking Alexandria – Moving On

This is a song to play when it’s time to end destructive relationships or bad habits – putting the foot down.


“I am incomplete, but I’m not broken. Wounds will always heal, winter always turns to spring.”

-Tear out the Heart – Incomplete

No one is ever gone beyond repair.


“Tomorrow holds such better days – days when I can still feel alive.”

-Blink 182 – Adam’s Song

By hanging in there, better days have a chance to come.


“There is hope in these eyes, there is hope in these words. And there are far too many reasons for you to stay here on this earth.”

-The Amity Affliction – Don’t Lean on Me

In hopeless moments, it helps to be reminded that we all have value and should choose to stay alive.


“Everything is gonna be alright. Be strong, believe.”

-Yellowcard – Believe

It’s comforting to hear these words from the outside, even if they come from a song.


“There’s a place we could find where this pain is useless. And we’ll forever be the young.”

-Yellowcard – Be the Young

Always keep trying to find the better days, another way out, and hope.


“You’re just wasted and thinking ‘bout the past again. Darling, you’ll be okay.”

-Pierce the Veil – Hold on Till May

The past can hurt, but happiness is possible if we give it a chance.


“You’re not alone. There is more to this, I know. You can make it out, you will live to tell.”

-Saosin – You’re Not Alone

Feeling alone in suffering is the worst. Knowing that we don’t have to be alone is a life-saver.


“The voices in your head – don’t listen to what they say, just keep doing what you do…You must fight to endure. Fear is a disease and hope is the only cure.”

-City Lights – The Dark Side

As a Star Wars fan, this song really keeps me sane. Regardless, its words are wise and help in moments of sadness.



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