Creating a Monster (poem)

Monsters are not born from the womb

Moments are what create the beast

Moments of pain and suffering,

Anger, sadness, heartache and grief

What was once an innocent child,

Becomes something horrid to fear

It causes the pain it once felt,

Because its own demons stay near

And thus, the new monster is born,

Leaving no trace of the clean first

The darkness has taken over,

Causing harm has become its curse

The misery corrupts its soul,

To the point of no safe return

It will destroy all in its path,

And watch everything slowly burn

Its weak heart later turns to black

Evil is not what “black heart” means

The blackness is from burns and scorns,

From the souls once close to the beast

Who is to blame for the monster,

That was once an innocent child?

The beast that causes destruction,

Or the ones that blackened its life?

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