The Fast Choker (A Kenner Family Myth)

The old dusty attic is where he calls home

Where no single soul dares to venture alone

The owner, who seems to be his only friend

Made a deal long ago to save his vast land

The Kenner clan would be saved from his dark rage

With the secret of his existence kept safe

His hands so strong, the strangles quiet and quick

Moves through the trees with ease, silently and swift

Victims could never see the Choker coming

Even with a glimpse, foolish to try running

No one can escape from his clutches so tight

He leaves no trace of his soulless, evil crimes

Clasping his long wicked fingers, stopping breath

Raising the body up, held firm at the neck

Squeezing out the life, for invading his home

Protecting from any lost trespassing soul

So cruel and sinister are his dark methods

Enjoys the suffering of the decrepit

But the children of Kenner blood remain safe

They share the land under the Choker’s domain

Lived in the old attic for hundreds of years

Lives to this day, continuing to strike fear

He’ll never leave his precious land unguarded

His secret is safe, his life is uncharted

Unless the strong Kenner blood runs through your veins

It would be wise of you to stay far away

Otherwise your life might meet its bitter end

At the grasp of the Fast Choker’s eager hands

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