The Truth About ‘Dark Matter’

Is it nothing? Absolutely nothing? It’s impossible to wrap the brain around the thought of absolute nothingness. Or is there more to the mysterious black spots that infect observations of a celestial object filled universe?

The truth is humbling, even saddening. When we realize just how little we know about our existence here on this planet, we just might lose our minds entirely.

What if the human race and the Earth below it are only experiments for creatures of a much higher existence? What if we only exist to provide said creatures with information and facts about evolution and growth? Or perhaps, information about war, poverty, and success?

The universe is only a projection – a simulated existence created by a species more powerful and knowledgeable than us. Everything we know and learn is under the control of a lab, not far from where we appear to live. They’re watching – closely. We entertain them, we make them laugh, and we allow them to see just how primitive we really are.

‘Dark Matter’ is, in reality, the only factor of our universe and existence that provides us with a glimpse of truth – of what our world truly is. Glitches exist in every computer program, they are impossible to avoid, even by those more advanced than us. Dark matter shows that they are not perfect, that they make mistakes, too.

Dark matter is a glitch in the simulation program of our universe. It looks like “nothing” to us, from our perspective on earth. But it is proof that we are not alone. In fact, it is proof that existence itself, is a mystery that we will never be able to solve.

If we are nothing more than animals to observe, then what does it matter if your car broke down today, if your neighbor worships a different god than you, or if you’ve been rejected for a job? If we’re going to give them a show, let’s make it a good one. Stop being so arrogant and stuck in your ways, because we have no clue what exists, what doesn’t exist, or what “existence” even truly means.

Focus on the people and activities that make you happy, because nothing else matters anyway.

Dark matter is not a mystery of the universe, it’s a sign that we’ll never know the truth about everything and we’ll never be perfect.

So stop worrying. Enjoy the time we are given.


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