I Only Eat People 

Frequently, at work I am asked the question, “Do you only eat ‘healthy’ foods?” I am an exercise specialist at a medical fitness center, so I guess it comes with the territory. 

However, having spent seven years with an eating disorder, and still somewhat in recovery stages, this question tends to penetrate already stumbling walls. (Anyone working in this environment probably has issues with this as well, even without history of an eating disorder.)

We live in a very weight conscious society while obesity, eating disorders, and heart disease increase in prevalence each year. It seems that the more we obsess and judge ourselves and others based on weight and dietary habits, the more damage we create. 

The only way we will stop these epidemics is if we take a step back and let nature heal itself. For example, letting go of my obsession with weight loss was difficult, but it was the only way I was ever going to heal and cease to intertwine my meals with my character. In this process, I’ve learned to better listen to my body when deciding how much and what to eat.

Let’s focus on other aspects of our lives and let our ‘weight’ be what it is, because the more we try to alter it with diet gimmicks, pills, and surgery, the less hope we have of solving this national crisis. 

Don’t worry about what I, or anyone else has on her plate. It’s not going to make anyone feel better, it only reinforces the lie that weight is important to our characters as humans.

I know that people mean no harm when they ask this question, so I always smile and respond as professionally as I can:

“Do you only eat healthy food?”

“No, I only eat people.” 😉

Thanks for reading,


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