Simple Self Care

In the past I have found that my perfectionist side of my personality seriously damages my attempts at setting self-care goals. I’ve typically ended up setting way too many daily goals, stress myself out over it, and then beat myself up when I don’t complete 100% of my goals. I’ve decided to cut things down and keep it simple. This way I’m not stressed and I’ll be more likely to complete self care activities. I’m setting a percentage goal of 75% to avoid “all or nothing” thinking that I usually let myself fall victim to.

My self-care has been lacking lately and I can feel the void in my mood and physical sensations. I’m more judgemental of my body and less motivated to do things that I love. So for the next 50 days I’m going to try a very simple plan of self care. I’ve included only the top items I feel are necessary for me to stay sane and keep a healthy mindset. 

Daily goals will include: 

1. Affirmations – both written and then said in the mirror (Morning and night)

It feels very weird and awkward at first to write down nice things about yourself, but it will become more natural and automatic with time and practice. 

2. Logging my meals with ratings of hunger and fullness (Getting myself back in touch with my hunger and fullness cues)

3. Consistent Eating – this means eating enough without cutting back and avoiding binge eating

4. Not weighing myself and including affirmations about weight and my body if necessary (I keep them on hand on a notecard for at work and at home)

Sound simple? These are things that I can do that will improve my body image and help me stay in touch with how my body feels. 

I’ve made a notecard for each day with a box to check off for each of the goals. I’ve also included a quote on the back of each card that either makes me smile, makes me think, or tells me something that I know a need to hear. 

This is from “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis. Asian says this about Edmund once he’s rescued from the White Witch. Edmund betrayed his family but is quickly forgiven. That means I can forgive myself for slacking off of my self care needs.

Today is day one of simple self care. Time to get back to understanding and loving myself. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you try out self-care. Even the smallest acts of kindness to yourself can make a huge difference. 

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