Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 6 “Etremis” Quotes

The mystery of who or what is in the vault that The Doctor has been assigned to guard is finally revealed in Episode 6! Missy is back. Here are some quotes that stood out to me:


“Death is an increasing problem. With over a billion intelligent species active in this galaxy alone it is an ever greater challenge to know how to kill all of them.” Executioner


“The destruction of a Time Lord, however, is a particular honor.” Executioner


“Life can be a cunning enemy.” Executioner


“Memories are so much worse in the dark.” The Doctor


“I have very strict rules about men.” Maura

“Probably not as strict as mine.” Bill


“Well, whatever this is – and actually it’s  not anything yet – it is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.” Bill


“Doctor, here’s a tip: when I’m on a date, when a rare and special thing happens in my real life, do not – do not – under any circumstances put the Pope in my bedroom.” Bill

“Okay, now I know. Air cleared.” The Doctor


“Benedict said that you were more in need of confession than any man breathing, but when the offer was made, you replied it would take too much time.” The Pope’s Man


“You seem like a man with regret on his mind.” The Pope’s Man


“Goodness is not goodness that seeks advantage. Good is good in the finer hour, in the deepest pit, without hope, without witness, without reward. Virtue is only virtue in extremis – this is what he believes. And this is the reason above all, I love him, my husband, my madman in a box, my Doctor.” Nardole reading River Song’s Journal


“I don’t like being worried about. Around me, people should be worrying about themselves.” The Doctor


“The moment you tell BIll, it becomes real. And then you might actually have to deal with it.” Nardole


“You’re an idiot.” Nardole

“Everyone knows that.” The Doctor


“The layout is designed to confuse the uninitiated.” The Pope’s Man

Sorta like religion, right?” The Doctor


“In darkness, we are revealed.” The Doctor, Nardole


“Without hope, without witness, without reward.” The Doctor

“Without hope, and without witness, without reward. I am your friend.” Missy


“When do a bunch of scientists ask for prayers?” Bill

“The same time anyone does – when they’re very, very afraid. Particle physicists and priests, what could scare them both?” The Doctor


“Either it’s going to temporarily fix my eyesight, or it’s going to burn up my brain.” The Doctor


“Maybe I’ll drop dead in twenty minutes, but I will be able to read this [Veritas].” The Doctor


“I need to know what’s real and what isn’t real.” Bill

“Don’t we all?” The Doctor


“Those deaths – they weren’t suicide. Those were people escaping.” The Doctor


“You suffer. Pain is information. Information will be gathered.” Demon


“Funny, I don’t believe much. I’m not sure I believe anything, but right now, belief is all I am. Virtue’s only virtue in extremis.” The Doctor


“You don’t have to be real to be The Doctor, as long as you never give up, as long as you always trick the bad guys into their own traps.” The Doctor


“I’m doing what everybody does when the world is in danger – I’m calling The Doctor.” The Doctor


“I’m a scary handsome genius from space and I’m telling you, no, she’s not out of your league.” The Doctor


“Something’s coming, BIll. Something very big and something possibly very very bad and I have the feeling that we’re going to be very busy.” The Doctor


“I’ve just been executed. Show a little respect.” Missy


“You do seem to have an impressive record of fatalities credited to you, a truly remarkable record.” Executioner


“Something’s coming, Missy, and I’m blind. How can I save them when I’m lost in the dark?” The Doctor

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