Quotes from Doctor Who Episode 10:3 “Thin Ice”

In the third episode of season 10 of Doctor Who, we get to see the first trek into the past for Bill. A day on the frozen Thames River in England proves to be exciting, yet filled with trouble. Here are some great quotes from the episode: (Just a fan, not affiliated with the show)

You don’t steer the Tardis, you reason with it.” The Doctor
“How?” Bill

“Unsuccessfully, most of the time.” The Doctor

But she always takes him where he needs to be, right? That’s a quote from the Eleventh Doctor’s time. 🙂

“Your species hardly notices anything.” The Doctor

Very true, Doc.

“Every choice I make in this moment, here and now, could change the whole future.” Bill

“Exactly like every other day of your life. The only thing to do is to stop worrying about it.” The Doctor

Good advice for all of us in my opinion, time traveling or not. We can never know what the future holds, so it’s best to enjoy the present and hope for the best.

“It’s just time travel. Don’t overthink it.” The Doctor

I’m going to be using this quote in my everyday life.

“I care, BIll, but I move on.” The Doctor

The Doctor has surely seen his fair share of death and felt the pain of loss again and again. I suppose that he has had to learn how to move on and take care of business without wasting any time.

“Do you want to help me, or do you want to stand here stamping your foot? Because let me tell you something – I’m 2,000 years old and I’ve never had the time for the luxury of outrage.” The Doctor

Another great piece of advice for us all. We should aim to waste no time on anger and frustration in trying times so that we can start focusing on fixing the problem.

“Alien, terrestrial – it’s irrelevant. The real question is – who’s keeping it in those chains?” The Doctor

True humanitarian.

“What makes you so sure that your life is worth more than those people out there on the ice? Is it the money, the accident of birth, puts you inside the big fancy house? Human progress isn’t measured by industry, it’s measured by the value you place on a life, an unimportant life, a life without privilege. The boy who died on the river, that boy’s value is your value. That’s what defines a name, that’s what defines a species.” The Doctor

Such a deep moment. I think this should be the motto of every person, company, and country.

“Passion fights, but reason wins.” The Doctor

Perhaps a valid statement, but becomes pretty comical when considering that The Doctor punches a man in the face in the next scene. But, that guy did have it coming.

”I don’t know the answers. Only idiots know the answers.” The Doctor

I suppose if The Doctor, or anyone for that matter, knew all the answers, the desire to search for and seek out information would be lost.

“Never underestimate the collective human ability to overlook the inexplicable.” The Doctor

We tend to see what we want to see.
Great episode!

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