Thanksgiving to the Journey

In my journey of discovering what the “purpose of life” is, I suppose it’s always a good idea to remember what I’m thankful for now. As Dumbledore says, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” I’m searching for purpose, something greater than the daily life of working and paying bills, […]

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What is the Purpose of Life?

This goal of mine might be hopeless. It might lead to answers and insights I wish I hadn’t uncovered. Or it might lead me nowhere at all. Whatever the result, I have to try. “The Purpose of Life,” is what I’m searching for. It seems like a long shot. Many people, more educated than I […]

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Monsters Inside

Monsters are not born from the womb. Monsters are born from moments – moments of overwhelming emotions that engulf the mind into a world of pain and suffering. Hate, anger, sadness, loneliness – drowning in any of the feelings related to misery impregnates the soul with uncontrollable demons. Thus, the monster is born.

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A Lost Escape (Short Story)

Donna bakes fresh biscuits in the kitchen. The setting summer sun shoots rays of light through the west side windows. The steaming baked goods seep into my nostrils and remind me of my home as a young girl. I’ll miss these moments. “You must really love him to run away with him like this, Kate,” […]

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